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As the consulting and investment research division of 7 O'Clock Capital, the global fund, 7 O'Clock Labs is good at following the hot market, conducting investment research analysis, and brand support for blockchain projects. 7 O'Clock Labs has many cryptographic influencers with deep understanding of public chain, Web3.0, NFT, GameFi, storage and DeFi, covering more than 1 million cryptographic asset traders through partners.

At the same time, 7 O'Clock Labs uses its own resource matrix to form a closed-loop ecology, so as to better help innovative projects build brands and export value.

What We Offer
  • A Professional Global Team
    The core team members are mainly distributed in Dubai, Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, covering the core Asian cryptography circle. The founders have rich blockchain entrepreneurial experience. The team members not only have the background of top universities and traditional venture capital at home and abroad, but also have rich industry experience in technology and product.
  • A Top Team of Consultants
    The consultant has been working in the blockchain industry for many years, with a wide network and deep understanding of blockchain projects, and can provide strategic and financing liquidity supports for invested projects.
  • A Range of Professional Services
    The team has professional blockchain project experience, and can provide projects with all aspects of enabling, including but not limited to token system construction, community operation, technical resources, exchange resources, overseas media publicity, and distribution channels, etc. At present, we have in-depth cooperation with Avalanche, Polygon, Polkadot, and other major public chains. The team has invested in 200+ enterprises,and established connections between projects.
  • An In-Depth Understanding of Asian Policy
    In 2021, China Blockchain Industry Summit was held in Beijing National Convention Center with more than 3,000 participants, established contacts with the world's top blockchain industry experts, accurately interpreted policies, avoided policy risks, and promoted meta-cosmic industry research into colleges (Peking University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, etc.)
  • Flexible Fund Size
    We search for high-quality blockchain projects in the rapidly iterating crypto industry and get involved early, offering flexible fund sizes from like-minded investors.
  • Community Resources
    We have our own DeFi community, which covers core blockchain users. The community matrix includes Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Medium, and other overseas platforms. Industry leaders gather in Discord to share topics, and community AMA enables the project.
  • Community
    20,000 + active Telegram members. 50,000 + core members with high-level knowledge of DeFi
  • Marketing
    Through 50+ global crypto media partners and crypto investment influencers, it covers more than 200,000 crypto asset trading users
  • Project
    We have cooperated with over 100 projects through AMA, marketing promotion, and brand support
  • Institutions
    We work with more than 100 industry leading organizations, including institutional investors, platforms, media, and more
7 O'Clock Labs Events
2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit
The 7 O'Clock Capital hosted the 2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit at the National Convention Center in Beijing. The summit was attended by industry leaders, well-known academicians, and leading enterprises, with more than 4000 participants.
2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit
2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit
2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit
2021 China Blockchain Industry Summit
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In the continuously developing ecological network and system of 7 O'Clock Capital, we have established an international professional investment and research team, a top consulting team, and provide all-round enabling support for post-investment projects.

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